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Why do business in Russia?

Russia has become an increasingly popular place to develop one’s business. It is a wide market which is opening up to international companies. Since 2012, when the country officially became a WTO member, an even bigger interest in Russia can be expected. Its growing middle class is exploring the world of opportunities and consuming a great deal.

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What is covered by the ‘Doing Business in Russia’ course?

Some say that the major issue with Russians is that they look like Europeans but they do not behave in a way that their counterparts would expect from Europeans. Our ‘Doing Business in Russia’ course has been created for professionals who want to develop a better and more successful business relationship with Russian partners.

As part of the course, you will be given a clear understanding of the key drivers that motivate Russian business people. You will learn more about Russian business etiquette, culture and mentality. Practical tips on establishing more productive and stable relationships with Russians will be shared, along with Russian communication and negotiation styles. On the other hand, we will talk about the challenges of doing business in Russia and the way of dealing with the people.

The course is fully interactive and the trainer will try to answer questions particularly relevant to your business.



One-to-One Russian Lessons

with the author of a series of unconventional Russian language textbooks used at universities and schools worldwide, experienced language instructor and chartered linguist, finalist of the 'Best Russian language teacher outside Russia' awards (2015).


Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural awareness training is specifically designed for companies planning to enter the Russian market or attracting Russian clients. The course helps better understand Russian mentality and culture.