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On some aspects of Business-State relations in Russia - click here to read

Perspectives of Innovations, Economics & Business, Volume 10, Issue 1, 2012

This article looks at the transition from the model of relationship between business and state, which dominated in Russia in the 1990s, to the one at the beginning of the 21st century. Russian history provides extensive evidence that business and state had always been closely connected and interdependent in this country. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, interdependency changed to dependency: while in the 1990s business was dominating the state, on the edge of two centuries the state took control over business. The tradition of close cooperation has been destroyed.


China vs. Russia: the Game on African field - click here to read

Journal Marginalia, Issue 3, 2009

With the exception of the period of the recent financial crisis, the last two decades have a significant increase in foreign direct investment (FDI). Gradually, more and more investment has been directed to the developing countries in the attempt to diversify portfolios and use finance in the most efficient way. However, not all developing regions of the world succeeded in attracting FDI. Considering its large labour force and territory and abundance in natural resources, Sub-Saharan Africa could perform much better in this aspect. This is now being understood not only by African authorities, but by those who make decisions about investment as well. Two heavy-weights, Russia and  hina, are paying more attention to the continent nowadays. If for African countries the game for investment is not zero-sum, which, hopefully, means that FDI is not attracted at the expense of another country, there is a good chance to get FDI if there is a will to do so. In this case investors would be able to compete for the tastiest morsels. What are Russia and China looking for in Africa?


The Right Cause for the Russian politics - click here to read

Ecademy, 2011

Some of you might have heard about the scandal which happened on Tuesday in the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow when a Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov separated from the party he had led for only over two months. So what was actually that about? The future will show and as we know from the Russian history we must usually talk about short-term future - it's hard to plan for longer periods in this country. Here is just a brief outline of the events and potential reasons behind them. The political party "Right Cause" ('Pravoye delo' where 'delo' can mean deed, action, case, business, cause) was formed in February 2009. Noone had actually heard much about it till spring this year when the media and politicians started preparing to the Russian Parliament elections in December 2011 and March 2012 Presidential elections. It's in the end of March when one of the top politicians was rumoured to head the Right Cause...


Five tips for doing business overseas - click here to read

Enterprise Nation, September 2012

Here are Ignaty Dyakov's five essential tips for any UK small business that wants to trade successfully overseas.

1. Do your research. Always research your target market and do your research in your own languageand the local language. The former will give you an insight into what your countrymen (and women!) think of their experience abroad, as they share some useful tips. The latter will give you a better...


Want to Trade with Russia? Learn from Napoleon - click here to read

Entrepreneur Country Magazine, July 2013

Fools learn from their own mistakes, cleverer ones learn from others. Russians are proud to celebrate 200 years of their victory over French Napoleon in what Russians callThe Patriotic War. The Borodino battle in early September 1812 had predetermined the outcome of the war and indeed Napoleon's fate in general. So what mistakes did Napoleon make that ruined his success-to-be story in Russia? What could you learn from his experience in order to succeed?


Our blog on "Echo of Moscow" Russian radio station (only in Russian) - click here to read


Is Business All About Money? - click here to read

Under30CEO, January 2013

To me, a USSR-born London resident, the answer is simple and straightforward – no! The elaboration might be a bit lengthy though.

When I came to London in 2008 I needed a break to think of my future career aspirations. I left a small educational business back in Russia which I had really enjoyed as it had filled me with energy and satisfaction. It also had provided me with decent living, yet there was no development in it due to some factors I leave aside for now.




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