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We are proud to support Water for Ethiopia, an independent UK-based charity (no.1137893), which sends 100% of all donations to Ethiopia. This charity is a non-governmental organization focused exclusively on improving poor people’s access to safe water and sanitation. We feel passionately that, wherever possible, businesses have an obligation to support those who are less fortunate than ourselves.



SOS Children’s Villages have worked in Russia since 1994 and today take care of more than 1300 children who have lost their families or who live in families from a social risk group in 6 regions of the country. Almost all of their projects are financed by the donations from individuals all around the world. With this money, they are able to build loving homes for children in need and give them hope for the future.



iOrphan is a non-profit charity that spends 100% of its donations to provide basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and vocational training to orphans and homeless children living in the former Soviet Bloc countries. They do not receive any compensation for their work and pay for all operating expenses out of their own pocket. Every penny of one’s contribution goes directly to the project one supports.


Russia-related cultural events in London

We strongly believe that it is our mission to promote Russian culture throughout the world. In 2012, the Buranovo grannies’ appearance on the Eurovision Song Contest gave a glimpse of the variety of culture available in Russia, but there are also depths to Russian theatre, literature, music and cinema. We think that it is culture that is the foundation of international and interpersonal relations. It helps to display the best that every nation has to offer.

This is why we provide promotional support for a number of Russian-related cultural events in London. In recent months, we promoted such events as: the Soviet Russian rock band ‘DDT’ concert, ‘A Warsaw Melody’, ‘Master and Margarita', and ‘Anastasia’ theatre productions, the Wimbledon Music Festival, ‘Putin’s Kiss’ documentary film as part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, performances of the St Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theatre under Boris Eifman, the ‘Nine lives of a cat’ installation in Portsmouth, and ‘Russia in the 21st century’ documentary film festival.

Please contact us should you want us to consider running the promotion for your cultural event.


We are grateful to the following institutions for their expressions of gratitude for our humble support:

  • SOS Children’s Villages, Russia,
  • Belka Productions, UK,
  • 'Walking Thoughts' Theatre, UK,
  • Saint Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theatre under Boris Eifman, Russia,
  • The New Actors Company, UK,
  • Wimbledon Music Festival, UK.


One-to-One Russian Lessons

with the author of a series of unconventional Russian language textbooks used at universities and schools worldwide, experienced language instructor and chartered linguist, finalist of the 'Best Russian language teacher outside Russia' awards (2015).


English Russian Translation

Our translation team can deal with any document, website, business or personal letter, or handbook. We can proofread or edit any Russian or English documents. After translation we even edit your document and you can rest assured that the service we provide is always of the highest quality.