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Russian Language Tuition

Taking this course with Ignaty has provided me with excellent grounding in the language and has been a highlight of the last couple of months. He has the patience of a saint (!) and is exceptionally knowledgeable. It’s incredibly helpful that Ignaty has such extensive multi-lingual capabilities. His enthusiasm and knowledge has inspired me to explore the Russian culture further to the extent that my next holiday is being spent in St Petersburg. Thanks Ignaty!
- Mags
I have been having private Russian Tuition from Ignaty for a period of 4 months during which I received outstanding education from a highly qualified, intelligent and pleasant individual. The lessons were result focussed, fun and interesting. Besides learning the language itself, I also learned a lot about the actual Russian culture. I can highly recommend these language courses to anyone who requires to be conversational in the Russian language in a short period of time.
- Peter
I’d like to recommend Ignaty Dyakov as a professional Russian teacher; I am fully satisfied with his 1 to 1 lessons. For those who prefer to study on their own, but need a tutor to co-ordinate their progress, Ignaty would definitely be your best choice in London.
- Robert 
Ignaty is an excellent tutor of Russian language with very professional approach. He makes every lesson very interesting, bringing his sense of humour and outlook on the topics discussed in conversations.
On a personal level I have found Ignaty is very diligent, reliable, willing to help and assist with founding out any information related to learning Russian language or exploring the Russian culture, art or ways of living.
Ignaty has been an absolute pleasure to deal with right from my initial email to discuss my lessons till current date and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any individual or company who is interested in learning Russian language.
- Martina
Thank you, Ignaty. I really enjoyed these several months of lessons. They were really useful.
- Hugh
Excellent teacher, strict but fair. Knows lots of interesting stories to make lessons smoother and more enjoyable. Miss him.
- Zhanna
Thank you, Ignaty Mikhaylovich... I really want to take cue from you.
- Boris
We remember your classes and you and miss you very much.
- Pauline
A highly enjoyable way to pick up the basics of Russian quickly.
- Steven


I would recommend Ignaty as a highly qualified professional. He reacted very quickly on my matter and work (a translation from Latin to English). This job was completed in one day. He is very flexible and understandable. I would have no hesitation in going back to Ignaty in the future. He provided an excellent service.
- IT consultancy
Excellent translation services from English into Russian.... Reliable, punctual and extremely professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them and I will indeed contact them again for future projects.
- London University
Ignaty worked with us on a project involving Russian translation of focus groups to English. The project was not straightforward and certain documents required initiative during the course of the research. Ignaty reacted spontaneosly and creatively and we were very satisfied with his work. We would have no hesitation in working with him again should the occasion arise.
- Research company

'Doing Business in Russia' Workshop

"Completed basic intro in two hours"
"Very Clear and also entertaining"
"Good introductions to doing business, culture and customs"
"Very useful to my business."

'Selling to Russian Customers' Training

"Really good... It will help me to understand the Russian culture and treat the Russian customers well"
"Excellent Delivery. Very factual. Good Trainee Involvement. Definitely recommended"
"Good varied mix of content, teaching methods, materials"
"Very knowledgeable trainer, clever, clear communication. Simple language"
"Would recommend to future managers. Very informative. Good interaction"
"informative. Essential to break barriers, stereotypes etc"
"Delivered in an intellectual and humorist way... Very in-depth. It shows the perspective of the targeted audience"
"I am very pleased about the course, it will be extremely useful in my career. And I will recommend it around me"
"Well worth while... a better understanding was attained"
"Really good, informative, passionate"

Other Services

Thank you so much for helping us organize such a successful trip to Russia! Really enjoyed the time together, and learned a great deal about Russia. I was totally impressed by your hard work, professionalism, and care to details. Also feel very fortunate that you agreed to continue working with us in the future. Look forward to it!
- Asian University
We would like to express our thanks to Ignaty for all his support and help during the 4th WKC World Karate Championships in St Petersburg.  We very much appreciated his strong commitment shown which contributed significantly to the success of this international Karate event.
- World Karate Championships (2003)
Thank you for the excellent service you provided.  I have dealt with many people in many aspects of our business and you are distinguished in your professional demeaner.  You handled the client with extreme care and attention. The entire situation was dealt with perfectly by you and we were very grateful for your presence, not just for your translation skills but your complete manner.
- Estate Agency in London

Case Studies

A public university in Asia

The Task

The University in Asia approached us with two tasks:

- To find top-ranked partner universities in Russia to establish student exchange programmes,

- To find top-ranked schools to recruit students from.

What we did

From December 2011 to April 2012 the preparation work was conducted. First, we prepared the report on the education system in Russia, how it is structured, what are the entrance requirements for the Universities and other critical criteria.

We also prepared a list of universities consolidating the different ranking systems (there is no common league in Russia). We contacted the best four universities and scheduled meetings with the vice-chancellors' offices of three of them in Moscow and St Petersburg.

We also contacted top-ranked school heads to introduce the Asian university and schedule meetings in April to further discuss potential cooperation.

Alongside this, we coordinated the logistics of the visit to Moscow and St Petersburg (hotels, transportation within the cities and between them). We provided the interpretation and translation (marketing materials et al.) work.

In April 2012, the visit to Moscow and St Petersburg took place; during that period seven meetings were organised. All seven institutions agreed to collaborate with the Asian University.


The work resulted in seven Russian institutions agreeing to partner and cooperate with the University in Asia. Currently the work is under way to sign the necessary contracts and prepare further visits to Russia in autumn in order to enhance these relations and find some more partnering institutions.


G8 Finance Ministers' Meeting in St Petersburg
(logistics and organisation by Eventum PREMO)


To manage a small team to provide best quality greeting and leaving experience for the official country and intergovernmental organisations' delegations in the airports of St Petersburg.

What Ignaty did

Ignaty prepared all the necessary documentation for the team to operate effectively. He ensured smooth communication between the Logistics (Airport) team Ignaty was in charge of and other teams involved in the organisation of the G8 Finance Ministers' Meeting.

Ignaty made all the necessary provisions to ensure effective and successful cooperation with external service providers (parking, airport security, airport management) and governmental law enforcement services (Federal security service and police).

He then was personally involved in greeting the international delegations and managed the team of four to ensure 24hour presence in the airport in order to facilitate all the potential issues the VIP delegates and their teams might have had.


The G8 Finance Ministers' Meeting was a success and no issues were raised by the participants. The Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation expressed their deep satisfaction by the work of the organising committee and Eventum PREMO, that was then passed onto all members of the organising team.


One-to-One Russian Lessons

with the author of a series of unconventional Russian language textbooks used at universities and schools worldwide, experienced language instructor and chartered linguist, finalist of the 'Best Russian language teacher outside Russia' awards (2015).


English Russian Translation

Our translation team can deal with any document, website, business or personal letter, or handbook. We can proofread or edit any Russian or English documents. After translation we even edit your document and you can rest assured that the service we provide is always of the highest quality.