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London-based professional language trainer Ignaty Dyakov has published three unconventional Russian language textbooks (Russian readers) for Elementary to Intermediate levels (A1-B2). They are available as paperbacks, ebooks and audio-books.

The books written in the form of fun to read detective lines follow the continuing story of George, a Guadeloupean banker embarking on a journey that sees his day to day life set against a series of most peculiar events. In the third book 'Rasskaz-kanonizatsiya' there also is a second, historical storyline, following a Russian professor who fled his country after the Bolshevik 1917 Revolution. Their lives cross… in the book.

Based on years of his language teaching experience Ignaty was keen to write a series of stories that would teach useful vocabulary and grammar after some of his business clients complained that existing textbooks were boring and had no relation to real life.

“I was inspired by the talent of Mikhail Bulgakov, who mastered the skill of talking about complex subjects in an ironic form, I began writing the book which you can now see”, says Ignaty Dyakov.

So his textbooks are fascinating detective stories with characters from different cultural backgrounds meeting in Guadeloupe, Russia and Europe. They live, love, work and relax. And most importantly they fight the world's evil, show exceptional ethics both in life and their work and give us better understanding of what is kinder and ethical life.

Mr Dyakov said: “There is an understanding that a textbook nowadays should be kind, humorous and inviting as there is far too much negativity around us, especially in the media and on social networks”.

Applied in all Ignaty’s books is an innovative and unusual textbook technique, which has already received much acclaim from eminent Russian specialists.

“Undoubtedly, this textbook makes language learning more fun, interesting and thus less challenging. It can be recommended as an addition to any Russian language textbook for A1-B1 levels - your students will definitely succeed and progress in Russian language learning!” says Professor Galina Levina, vice-provost of The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, about Ignaty Dyakov's second book, “The Story Provocation”.

And on the first book Professor Lyudmila Verbitskaya, President of St Petersburg State University said: “Unconventional material… Specifics of the pedagogical technology suggested by the author are based on the text principle and oriented at active learning and development of the creative language personality… The work laudably impresses and can be used as a textbook for foreign learners.”

All books have been tested on Ignaty's students who confirm that the story line keeps them intrigued and motivated to read more. This technique helps develop their language skills, and makes the learning process more bearable, if not enjoyable.

Much of the books is conducted in dialogues, and there are lists of new words and questions for conversation practice in every chapter. The stories are written in slightly simplified Russian, to aid recognising and memorising grammar structures.

The paper copies of Ignaty's books are sold on Amazon, (free delivery worldwide) and in selected book-stores in London, Paris and Helsinki.

The audio-versions of all three books are available here.

The digital versions/ebooks can be purchased via Smashwords online bookstore.

Wholesale orders are to be placed via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The textbooks have been published and recorded with generous support by Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, Gallus Consulting, Russian National Tourist Office, Mr Guy Willner (publisher of “Stranger in Saint Petersburg” by Vesla Stranger), Mr Raheem Shapi, ctms Corporate Travel Agency, Russia Local Ltd, Roxy Art Ltd.



Игнатий Дьяков написал три учебника по русскому языку (РКИ) для уровней A1-B2. Их используют на языковых курсах, в школах и университетах разных стран.

Книги можно купить на Amazon, (бесплатная доставка по всему миру), в книжных магазинах Лондона, Парижа и Хельсинки.

Аудио-книги доступны здесь.

Электронные книги можно приобрести в Интернет-магазине Smashwords 

Игнатий Дьяков живёт и преподаёт русский язык в Лондоне. Он член Королевского института лингвистов и Общества писателей Великобритании, финалист конкурса "Лучший преподаватель русского языка за рубежом".



  • The whole book is an amazing resource of current Russian vocabulary. Pushkin is a great author, but he won't teach you how to ask for an account opening in Russian language. /Stanislava via Amazon/

  • A refreshing addition to every Russian language student's bookshelf /Pauline via Amazon/

  • This simply is a great book as the other reviewers have said. But there is a bonus as well! If you also obtain the audiobook version (in MP3 format) it makes superb aural practice too /Brianaero via Amazon/

  • Rasskaz-Senstsiya (book one) is so good that I am ordering book two and will soon be on to the new book three. /Anthony Arnold-Boakes via Amazon/

  • An essential purchase for anyone looking to do business in Russian, no matter their language ability. /Michael J. via Amazon/

  • As a Russian learner, this is the first book i've found that is full of light and developing stories... War And Peace next :) !! /Mr E Asta via Amazon/

  • I'm looking forward to the rest of George's adventures! /leavesthataragreen via Amazon/

  • Having almost finished this book I have ordered the other two in the series. /GeorgeM via Amazon/

  • A refreshingly innovative approach to learning Russian by proposing a narrative full of humor and wit in clear and easy-to-understand contemporary language. /O. Sarah via Amazon/

  • At last a book with modern conversational adult-oriented Russian and a welcome relief from fairy-tales with unusable vocabulary, excepts from Tolstoy with archaic words, and boring textbook stories that were the content of lessons up to when I started with these books. /GrantBT via Amazon/



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