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To Russia on a handshake
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To facilitate your entrance to the Russian market, we can provide market research to meet your specifications. Our network of associates includes journalists and marketing specialists. 

They will be able to fact-find and this will help you to analyse the market and enhance your potential business strategy in Russia. 

If you are considering reaching a new market, we can provide you with the relevant market information and look into the prospects of expanding your business in Russia. We can identify your competitors, and, at the same time, advise you on potential partners and suppliers. It is probably safe to say that in Russia it is even more important than in most countries to find the right and most reliable connections.

Believe it or not, but many contracts in Russia are still based on the strength of a handshake (hence our motto). If you are in search of a trustworthy business partner in Russia then find a good friend first, and build this relationship step by step and on different levels. This approach will reap rewards. The Russian word “svyazi” (connections) does not necessarily mean corrupted or bad thing. This is where our R.U.S.S.I.A.N. values come from. 

We will provide information to identify and analyse the Russian market needs, market size and competition in both larger cities and in the regions.

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English Russian Translation

Our translation team can deal with any document, website, business or personal letter, or handbook. We can proofread or edit any Russian or English documents. After translation we even edit your document and you can rest assured that the service we provide is always of the highest quality.