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Who needs an assessment?

If you are a complete beginner in the Russian language, or if you are currently studying with us and simply want to enrol for another course, you do not need an assessment.

If you have any previous qualifications or some knowledge of Russian language, but are not currently studying it with us, you will need to book a FREE assessment.

Why do we run assessments?

People who apply to study our Russian courses have varying levels of ability in their Russian language. Some may have studied Russian already; others may have some knowledge from family or friends, but have never formally studied it, therefore it is important that we assess an individual’s capability so we can place those with a similar ability accordingly in classes. We also believe in assessments to give applicants a chance to meet our tutors. This all helps to ensure the maximum amount of success and enjoyment for our students.

What to expect at an assessment?

Our assessments are simply an informal conversation with one of our tutors. They will decide which level will be most suitable for you by talking to you in Russian and by listening to the level of response you are able to give. Usually assessments will also involve a small amount of writing or reading.

The assessment should take no longer than 30 minutes. If you are having difficulty understanding the tutor or if you have any queries at any point, the tutor will always be happy to speak to you in English.

How to book an assessment?

Assessments are booked via email or telephone. You will be asked to select a convenient date and time for your assessment.

Assessment outcomes and timetabling

Once you have completed your assessment we will discuss your timetable options.


One-to-One Russian Lessons

with the author of a series of unconventional Russian language textbooks used at universities and schools worldwide, experienced language instructor and chartered linguist, finalist of the 'Best Russian language teacher outside Russia' awards (2015).


English Russian Translation

Our translation team can deal with any document, website, business or personal letter, or handbook. We can proofread or edit any Russian or English documents. After translation we even edit your document and you can rest assured that the service we provide is always of the highest quality.