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4, 5, 6th October, 2017

Song Of The Swans is a timeless play by an acclaimed kazakh playwright Dulat Issabekov, that transcends culture, language and religion. The fairy-tale tells a story of two lovers, Zhibek and Tolegen. On their wedding day an evil ruler kidnaps Zhibek and gives her forty days to agree to his own proposal. There is no escape from the tower of Bekezan's castle, but the old legend says that “if your love is pure, you can turn into a white swan…” As with all fairy tales and fables the characters face perils, battles and frightful moral choices.

We are offering unique multimedia performance suitable for family entertainment (children 8+). Immerse yourself into an art theatre where from a prism of an old Kazakh legend we create a unique interactive experience combining sand animation projected on stage, enchanting Central Asian folk music, beautiful period costumes and riveting stage combat. This world premiere of English production in London is staged by London Pajarito Theatre company in collaboration with an award-winning sand artist Alyona Voynova.



Bridewell Theatre
Bride Lane, off Fleet Street
020 73533331



Adult: £16.50
Children £10.00




Song Of The Swans