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Russia4Brits Award Ceremony

The winners of our competition for 4 - 19 year old UK students "Russia4Brits" have already been announced in the beginning of May. To honor all the great work which have been sent to us, Russia Local Ltd organised Russia4Brits award ceremony. With the help of GRAD (Gallery of Russian Arts and Design) we set up an event - it was a great success! We are very thankful that we had the chance to meet the artists and their supporters. To keep that event in mind we captured the best moments on camera. Here you can view the photo gallery of the ceremony:

 Can you spot the Russia Local Ltd. mascot Expert Lev?

Expert Lev

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      3rd place of our competition

      The 3rd place of our competiton was won by the James Allen's Girl's School - deserved! They really put effort into producing a well made video on the topic of Russia and its culture and language.

      You can watch the video by clicking here - it is a fun video to watch!


      Watch our gallery on all Russia4Brits entries

      Russia Local Ltd. has received many great works from all over UK. We created another gallery where you are able to have a look at the lovely pieces submitted. The age of the participants ranges from 4 year old children up to 17 year old youth.

      Please click here to enjoy the gallery!


      Press release

      The competition for creative children –Russia4Brits– has had an excellent response from children and young people within the United Kingdom. Not only did the students themselves put a great deal of effort and thought into their entries, but also their supporters, namely schools and parents, contributed to making this project a success. We would like to mention the project’s most active participating schools respectively: DAR Centre, Harrow School and James Allen's Girls' School. We appreciate the time and energy that school staff dedicated to encouraging their students to participate!

      For the full Russia Local Ltd. press release please click here


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