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'The Story Canonisation: for learners of the Russian language (for those who are still alive)’ - "Rasskaz-kanonizatsiya" in Russian – follows the continuing story of George, a Guadeloupean banker embarking on a journey that sees his day to day life set against a series of most peculiar events. But there also is a second, historical storyline, following a Russian professor who fled his country after the Bolshevik 1917 Revolution. Their lives cross… in the book.

“I was inspired by the talent of Mikhail Bulgakov, who mastered the skill of talking about complex subjects in an ironic form, I began writing the book which you can now see”, says Ignaty Dyakov.

Author is a professional Russian language teacher based in London. He was inspired to write a series of stories that would teach useful vocabulary and grammar after some of his business clients complained that existing text-books were boring and had no relation to real life.

So his textbooks are fascinating detective stories with characters from different cultural backgrounds meeting in Guadeloupe, Russia and Europe. They live, love, work and relax. And most importantly they fight the world's evil, show exceptional ethics both in life and their work and give us better understanding of what is kinder and ethical life.

Mr Dyakov said: “This book was much more difficult to write than the previous two. The issue for me was the context, the life context. 2014-2015 have not been easy years for Russia and Russians, no matter what their political views. This was not easy time for me either. It is this complexity and the ambiguousness of what happened – constantly referring to history – that I wanted to reflect upon in my book. Yet, I was writing a textbook, the key goal of which is to help learners of the Russian language. Moreover, there is an understanding that a textbook nowadays should be kind, humorous and inviting as there is far too much negativity around us, especially in the media and on social networks”.

Much of the book is conducted in dialogues, and there are lists of new words and questions for conversation practice in every chapter. The story is written in slightly simplified Russian, to aid recognising and memorising grammar structures, and there are questions and/or grammar exercises at the end of each chapter. The audio-version of the book is available as well (via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

“The Story Canonisation” has been published with generous support by Gallus Consulting ( and Mr Guy Willner, publisher of “Stranger in Saint Petersburg” by Vesla Stranger.

All three books by Ignaty Dyakov are available on Amazon. Should you wish to purchase several copies for your school or university please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a discounted rate.