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Application Deadline: 9th of May, 2014

We invite 9-16 years olds to take part in the first London Maths Olympiad!! If you love math puzzles and brain-teasers, love solving original problems and tasks, that's the competition for you.

All participants are to compete within 3 different age groups: 9 –11; 12 –14 and 15 –16 y.o. Contestants will face problems in numeracy, logic, geometry and general acuteness.

There will be two rounds of the Competition:

1st round (in absentia, via email) will take place on 6-9th May, 2014. All tasks to be distributed and all the responses to be collected by e-mail. Participation in the 1st round is free of charge.

The qualified participants will be invited to take part in the 2nd round of the Olympiad which will take place at the Pushkin House in Central London.The date of the 2nd round is preliminary scheduled for the last week of May. The administrative fee for participation in the 2nd round is 10 Pounds.

All participants will get certificates, and winners will get diplomas and prizes.


For further information:

e- mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

mobile: 07900550581

Irina Dribinskaya, Olympiad organiser


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